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[ Wednesday
Dec 8th 2004

Hey guys, new LJ if you didnt know..Yeah. Whoever commented in that last entry, who are you? I mean really, anonymous is really stupid. Get over yourself asshole.


Yeah new name is


if any of you wanted to know. :)


[ Saturday
Aug 28th 2004
[ mood | bitchy ]

hey i moved so yeah i havnt updated a while and yea i moved nad i also effed up my journal so thats why it looks like shit and yeah i did go to OC agian with amy and it was awesome like it always is and i started school the 5 of aug. and it sucks cos my school is old and ghetto like buyt whatever cos i made alot of friends alreayd and yeah its really cool. right nwo im babysitting and not exactly supposed to be on the compie but whatever cos YEHA.

i made a buynch of cool friends i dont feel like writing about all that so yeah jsut updating so u dont tihngk i died.


[ Monday
Jun 7th 2004
[ mood | creative ]

please join my community! first five get in automatically. plus im also looking for 2 helping mods!



[ Wednesday
Apr 28th 2004
[ mood | pissed off ]

friends only bitch. tell me and ill add you.

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